श्रीमती इंदिरा गांधी


Smt. Gandhi speaks
Shantiniketan not only is the place where people can come from different parts of India, all castes, all religions, all languages, all states but it was something more. Not only that these different people should be integrated as Indians but also that they should be integrated with nature, with their surroundings
And this is a thought which has been in Indian tradition from time immemorial. Shantiniketan was in the old pattern of the Ashrams of ancient India where the teacher and the pupils lived together in quiet surroundings and got to know each other as well as the different aspects of nature. Today this thought and this feeling has been taken up all over the world and there is great concern to conserve or to protect nature, plants as well as animals because people are realising that all these different aspects of  life are so closely interwoven that if any one aspect is hurt, it hurts everybody. We want to preserve trees and animals not just for their beauty and utility but because it is necessary for the survival of the human race.
And this has become a part of the programmes of almost all Nations of the world. And this is the spirit, if you want to preserve them you must know them better, you must know the utility, the reasons and you must have a feelings of friendship for them. We were really fortunate in our freedom struggle and just in being Indian that our political leaders as well as leaders of intellect and culture like Gurudev Tagore and many others social reformers of Bengal and other parts of India preach this doctrine of brotherhood, of understanding, of friendship, of co-operation.

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